“If you want to lift someone up, Lift Up someone else”

– Booker T. Washington

This motto of life drives the spirit of Dr. Himani J. like every child that finds inspiration to do something meaningful in their life with the experiences they encounter in that phase; same is the story with her. Post schooling she attended a camp organized by an anonymous NGO where the idea of serving to these people who cannot afford even one proper meal for the day, children who are abducted of their childhood just to survive every morning they wake up and women who are cruelly treated in this narrow minded society. She mastered her trades in Astrology as she belonged to that background and avidly followed her dream to help others to attain eternal satisfaction. After achieving success in her professional life she still wasn’t feeling fulfilled as the silhouette of those destitute kept her awake each night. Hence she finally woke up to it and joined the very NGO where she had first found the glimmer of liberating hope and happiness to the Below Poverty Line people. Soon, she found out that corruption has crept up into the veins of this organization and the money collected on the name of social service is drained to accomplish personal greed of the members. Evidently thereafter she had quit from being a part of that fraudulent team. With valiant and perpetual efforts of her, finally she stocked up her hard earned money and with the support of her Husband “Mr. Anupam Jolly” they laid the base to “Maitreya”. Maitreya is a non-profit Non Government Organization that caters to the needs of the unprivileged women and children of this spiteful society. They have built a school that provides free education to children of slum in Jaipur. She is constantly making efforts to brighten the future of our nation by holding high the future-“the children”. They are also served with free meals everyday and a new pair of uniform every year.

It does not matter what you have done until now, but what matters is what you do now and how does that affect a new life forge a constructive future of own self and hence the Nation.

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We need to take responsibility to help the preservation of the environment to prolong its future, through the use of new technology, information, campaigns and support from people everywhere.

Swami Vivekananda

“You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself. ”
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