Maitreya Sansthan is a (Not for Profit) Non-Government Organization (NGO) which works through effective collaboration, practical solutions, professional development, and advocacy in the fields of industries development & skill management, child education and women empowerment. Our Sansthan has been established since 2008 in Rajasthan (India) with an aim to work for human welfare. We do not believe in doing gigantic things; rather opt for small things to make it large with competitive strategies and performance. Maitreya Sansthan works to make imposing future where no child  is oppressed to manacles of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition and perilous labour.

We are a social development Sansthan (a Registered Society under the Society’s Act) that has taken shape when people with similar thoughts and practices; have unanimously taken a common goal in their lives to make ours a responsible and a helpful community. With an aim to put collective efforts, we are here to cooperate and add more people who get themselves feeling proud to inspire the lives of children who have grown with inadequate education, minimum resources and no psychological supports. Some call them as “Underprivileged” or “Deprived”.

There are numerous children, particularly those of itinerant labourers, who can’t bear the cost of even the smallest of expenses to attend school. For a substantial number of children, their parents don’t even see the need of education. In these circumstances, Maitreya Sansthan lends them a helping hand.

India is an Incredible place of culture $ tradition, art $ craft, and lot  more. In recent times, industries are customary and among most imperative trades in rural India, better known as ethnics. These ethnic lifestyle products significantly incorporate Wood Carving, Metal Carving and Utensils, Stone Carving Painting, Metal and Gemstone work etc. The domestic sales and export, volumes of such products are touching new eras, conveying a handsome amount of revenue to the nation. Maitreya Sansthan has chosen to serve this booming division as per industrial development and skill management, to make it more profitable and venture zone. The initial phase of this procedure is to give better and complete training to the artisans and similar provincial working groups in India. Conducting helpful training and advancement projects to artisans so they may upgrade their skills, at the same time enhancing in different angles like communication, technical knowledge, understanding of market, tools and mechanization, financial planning and support etc.

Maitreya Sansthan works with so many slums in India, so you can join the campaign for their educational and medical developments. Each and every year, almost thousands of students from across the globe join us in our mission.

According to our Indian law, Under Section “80-G” and “12-A”, you can be benefited with income tax if you charity for underprivileged students and peoples.

Our organization also provides internship for those students who want to be the part of social welfare, nationally and globally. During this, we organize various training campaigns to make it our initiative successful.

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We need to take responsibility to help the preservation of the environment to prolong its future, through the use of new technology, information, campaigns and support from people everywhere.

No one has ever become poor by giving

“It is our belief that the ultimate goal of development is to offer people (esp. poor) choices-alternate ways and means to improve their state of well being.”
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