Artisans stand to gain a lot from our acts of charity. You too can play an important role by donating for a cause that aims to uplift the economic standards of the artisan community. The fact that someone out there can actually benefit from even a little that we have to offer is reason enough to be associated with handicrafts and related charity causes.

You can make a lot of difference in their lives by shelling out just a little change from your pocket. You can ensure that a potter far off in the villages of India or a bamboo crafts maker somewhere in the mountains of China can find true worth of their creations and gain access to better paying markets. To give a financial support by buying handicraft products made by Indian artisans that are made by you through the charity for handicrafts go straight to the various programs being carried out to bring about a change in attitude and awareness.

There are specifically designed a campaign that covers the selling of handicraft products made by Indian artisans. Now Maitreya Organization creating an online market place for Indian artisans, where he/she sell their products online.