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Who we are ?? and What we Do ??

Maitreya organization is a Non Government Organization which works with effective association, professional-growth practical and convenient solutions, professional-growth the purpose to facilitate experimental and observed learning and we are also and supports in the field of Industries development and skill management, child education and women empowerment. Our organization has been established since 2008 in India with an aim to work for human welfare. We do not believe in doing gigantic things; rather choose small things to make it large with the Spirit and   liveliness. We are working with spirited strategies and presentation.

We are working in the field of Education & Youth Development, Health & Environment, Social Work, Art, Culture & Heritage, Women empowerment and education, and we are also working for  rural supportable development, rural  wellness and medical care program, environmental protection and conservation , worthwhile  and organic  kitchen farming and agricultural,  promoting gender equality ,  girl and women self-sureness a , slums intercession and development , poverty evaluation  and micro-finance  incorporated society development,  women’s  small scale industry development for localization of  wealth,  English teaching and cross-educational knowledge, computer and advance technology  skill  (IT) ,  children’s  higher studies  through theatrical and play activities, waste management and hygiene and cleanliness, social / wildlife  forest management refuge community, alternative and soft energies, source of renewable energy, ecological build up society based crisis planning and disaster management , fair-minded employment and trade.

Work Opportunities with Maitreya Organization

This is a great opportunity for youth to walk in, lead and create difference in their life and carrier, while building a positive and encouraging impact in the communities they work with. volunteer-interns are actual self encouragement and motivating, self structured with a enthusiasm to learn something to their field of work to take up on true to our dream and ideas, goals and mission, youth with the positive attitude and approach to learn and get some cultural and educational perspective, along with design, creative and systems, plan thinking will accommodate in good.

What you need to Do ??

We are not charging any weekly or monthly fee for institution and we are also providing you a verified certificate of our organization which is very useful for you in future jobs and carrier. Volunteer-interns are actual self motivating, self-organized and the youth’s interest and passion to learn something in their field of work .You have to grow from your inner beauty out. No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There is no other coach who makes you bright but your own soul and we are here to support you. So set your goals and targets

 How to join us ??

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Give a New Start to your career With Maitreya organization

Explore Numerous global intern Programmes that will help you to frame your future.
A Great opportunity to be ready for the real world.
We are offering internships to passionate interns who are interested in giving time and energy in our various Projects and thier roles around the Asia. Explore and Experience thousands of opportunities ranging from Small Manufacturers to multinationals Companies. So, this is your time to build your confidence, gain experience and build yourself to lead the industries.

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We need to take responsibility to help the preservation of the environment to prolong its future, through the use of new technology, information, campaigns and support from people everywhere.


“The Expert in Anything, was once a bBeginner..”
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