Child labor in housing societies is not unusual. We Can Make a Difference and decided to take up this issue and raise a voice against the employment of children in homes. Later, we unanimously decided to organize “I Exist Campaign” on Jan’2015, in which have organized Classes for slam children and encourage them the education. We did a social survey to collect point that “how can we stop child labor”.

The Survey Results are as follows:-

Q1. Why fighting against child labor is important?

  • In the World, Bharat has the highest number of child laborers.
  • 86% of children of the lower-class family do not receive any education and they forced to do child labor.
  • Children, who work as labor are exploited and abused at their workplace. This cause bad affects on their health and development.

2. Why are we targeting child labor?

  • India’s hidden shame is child labor.
  • In October 2006, the government of India announced penalties for the employers of child laborers in houses, shops, restaurants, etc but still children are working and get imported from the village for household works.
  • Millions of India’s children live and work in slave labor conditions — bonded labor, sex trafficking, child labor, domestic ‘help’ servitude and many other forms.

3. In most cases, parents send their children to work

There are two types of people who send their children to work:

1). Ones who are unaware of the advantages of education and the other government plans, which provide free education to poor children.
2). Those who do not want to send their children to schools as it will deprive them of the extra income what their children are earning.

8. How can we contribute?

  • Be a responsible citizen and ensure that you do not employ child labor or stop other also to do same.
  • Make illiterate and poor people aware of government schemes and encourage children for education, not for work.
  • Educate people about penalties announced by the system and stop them from employing child labor.
  • Report if you find any case of child labor and abuse.
  • Take the step and create a difference.

We request you Take the step and help “Maitreya organization” stop child labor in India.