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“It is our belief that the ultimate goal of development is to offer people (esp. poor) choices-alternate ways and means to improve their state of well being.”


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Indian Manufacturing Industries and Commerce council 2015
Founder President: Dr. Himani J

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“Environment”: Maiterya Foundation aims to increase public education and awareness on environmental issues. This mission is accomplished through film, video, digital and interactive media. In order to inspire individuals to participate in solutions, we will use media based educational teaching and special events.
As human beings we need to change our habits and the way we live to make sure the environment prospers through the use of green products such as hybrid cars and solar powered houses, and by containing methane and pollution to prevent the ever increasing worry of global warming, which would have a devastating effect on the earth. This has already begun, but we can try to change its course by respecting and taking good care of the planet we live on.

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We need to take responsibility to help the preservation of the environment to prolong its future, through the use of new technology, information, campaigns and support from people everywhere.

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