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No one has ever become poor by giving

“It is our belief that the ultimate goal of development is to offer people (esp. poor) choices-alternate ways and means to improve their state of well being.”


WELCOME to IMICC (Maitreya Organization)
Indian Manufacturing Industries and Commerce council 2015
Founder President: Dr. Himani J

What We Do

Maitreya Organization is to empower underprivileged children, youth, women and small Industries through relevant education, progressive healthcare, and market-focused livelihood programs. Maitreya Organization is to deploy greatest methodology and technology for reaching ideal SROI (social return on investment), to apply and promote good governance. To link business competitiveness of the organization with social development initiatives; to sensitize privileged children also, youth and citizens on the whole to promote Civic Driven Change.

Our mission to market efficient and effective giving that delivers greater opportunities to the indigent in India.

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We need to take responsibility to help the preservation of the environment to prolong its future, through the use of new technology, information, campaigns and support from people everywhere.

NGOs in India

It is a Non Governmental Organization in India which often formed by the various private people, authorized under the Society Registration Act of 1860 and acknowledged by the government for performing few of the functions or allocated especially work on behalf of the government. This is an extremely unique and one of the best ways of the arrangement made by the government wherein the government extends the assistance, support, and authority to an exclusive body to execute some of the work of the government with respect to it. We are able to thus say an NGO is a body performing certain responsibilities of the government which might or may well not be funded by the government. The activities of the Non Governmental Organizations are mainly welfare activities which might be of varied types. In some instances, the activities given to the NGOs are also administrative also. The NGO is trusted for the authorized trusts as well as societies in India which perform such work. The government is more worried about the conformity of the many norms related to the grants to get to the society and utilization the funds by the NGO.

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